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1. How to log in

Any new user can easy login to the site with Facebook or Gmail account or by entering the details in the sign-up page.

2. How to book the parking

On the home, mention the location in the ‘Search Location’ tab and select ‘Go’.Location can be searched by clicking on ‘Skip’ tab. All location mapped under Parkr will appear. Select the location required and proceed as per instruction provided.

3. Select a site

Parking site can be selected by mention the location in the ‘Search Location’ tab or by selecting the location post choosing the skip tab.

4. Blue and Red

All sites marked as Blue are mapped under Parkr and Red marked sites are not mapped under Parkr.

5. Cancellation:

Cancellation or Refund can be done as per the policy mentioned in the ‘Refund and cancellation Policy’ tab.


1. Cannot sign in

This can be due to wrong username or password mentioned while trying log in. Hence try again with the correct details or use the option of ‘Forgot Password?’ on the login page. If you're unable to sign in to your account for any other reason, let us know below. We ask that you give us with some additional info so we can confirm your identity. This helps us keep your account secure.

(a) First & Last Name (Required)
(b) Phone number associated with your Parkr account (Required)
(c) Vehicle Registration number (Required)
(d) Describe the issue you are facing while signing in (Required)

2. Changing my Account settings

Account details can be changed by clicking on ‘My Account’ tab in login drop down section. Mention the changes in the required field and click on the tab ‘Update’

3. Manage Password

Password can be changed in this tab. Save the new password by clicking on ‘Update’

4. Unable to view the site

This may be a technical error. Kindly try checking on the site from a different browser. In case the issue still exists, please email to us at

5. Unable to book a parking spot

This could be due to unavailability of parking space at the location. Kindly try booking at the next nearest parking spot mapped under Parkr.


1. Cash

Customer can pay by cash at the location itself while checking out from the parking site.

2. Online

Parking slot can be booked by paying online via Patym, Credit card or Debit card from any bank account. Details of the card are well secured on your personal account at Parkr App.


1. Legal Order to Park

All sites mapped under Parkr are legally contracted by the respective authorities/owners/leaser/contractor. Parkr endeavours to take all necessary precautions to ensure all sites have necessary licences / agreements /contracts and any other related documentations which allows the vehicles to be parked.

2. Legal Updates

As we have any further legal updates with regards to parking, it will be updated here

Passes and Subscriptions

1. Parkr Pass

Parkr has a provision to take monthly passes which can be used around the city at any Parkr connected sites. The workings of this pass will be shared soon.

2. What is Parkr Premium

Will share more information on this soon.

2. What is Parkr Premium

Will share more information on this soon.

3. Parkr Premium Fee

Will share more information on this soon.

4. Validity

Will share more information on this soon.

5. Renewal

Will share more information on this soon.

6. Premium Customer Support

Please write to us on


1. Car Safety

Parking at any location mapped under Parkr, the car safety is owner’s responsibility. However, if the customer faces any severe unavoidable situation, we request you to please inform us about the same. We can get the necessary done by using the right legal channel and avoid such instances in the future.

2. Operator Issue

On any site registered with Parkr, if the operator is not cooperative or has misbehaved, kindly let us know by emailing the entire details on

3. Site Issue

Any location/site related issue such as parking space or cleanliness or any other discomfort that the customer has faced during the deal period with Parkr, please inform us by emailing to us on

4. Report a Safety issue

Send us an email on